Epidemic Covid-19 (Corona) Vs Humanity

My condolence to people who lose their love as soon as, also with them who lost their jobs on this pandemic state of affairs, today I sense I am residing in a rustic in which all are one hand climate to assist each other or together to combat towards all the failures scenario.


We have been United and

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Global financial crises affected the below developing and third world us of a, their overseas employees are dropping their jobs, households and lives are affected however nobody care, reflect onconsideration on them, supports or empathized with them it seems we all residing existence of animals like in jungle wherein no person is aware of every different, powerful seeking to consume helpless if luckily you survived you have to swim all on my own simply to be alive

such a lot of citizens of my country (Pakistan) misplaced jobs, and now waited for governmental aid to deliver them back, all of them are loyal residents, many choose to work for his or her very own country except having accurate economic repayment advantage and different picked as well but they choose to serve their personal united states of america however what they got hunger, poverty corruption to get activity in their personal usa and people who left for their destiny after incomes a number of them evaluate their overseas earning with local country, permit’s now not speak, no matter the motive in the back of their leaving. The prime minister of Pakistan to return again and serve their very own us of a and he is nonetheless looking to assist them and it is a terrific gesture.

Corona conflict against mankind unfold its darkish clouds, alternate a day into night, we look towards almighty ALLAH. We see growing of sun and we get back into our life with this desire that the placing sun bring up a terrific news of finishing corona

WHO (World Health Organization) and so many Health Organization at International, National, Provincial District and vicinity stage take the duty to train human beings so that they preserve social distancing, hand washing and averting needless travel, work and routine activities.

One after each other usa affected with corona, lock down and even curfew become the solution to manipulate the disorder because no one has clinical answer for this, until today its affected China, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and presently on peak at United States with highest death tolls, poor international locations which include South Asian regions and African nations, their peoples don’t have even fundamentals necessaries of residing, no proper water supply, meals supply and fitness facilities available

I live in Karachi Pakistan, where we’ve got huge population in Karachi, no right water deliver, people’s simple income could be very low even they can not have the funds for the lock down. WHO hand washing tenet can’t work, because they don’t have water to drink, how it’s viable to social distance, in a unmarried room in which 7-10 own family participants are living in a single room how are we able to make a distance of 1-3 meter, peoples are residing in transient shelters for social distancing

The cause is not Pakistan, the motive is relaxation of the wealthy international locations their lobbies and political technological know-how and so known as rules; make terrible counties extra risky and poorer furthermore make them residing below the line of poverty and we all understand who’re accountable for that.

May ALLAH forgive all of the sins of the mankind, protect unwell and elderly population which might be inclined. In this struggle young docs, nurses, health facility workforce, social volunteers, housework group of workers, rescue groups, ambulance personnel, and so many which won’t in my phrases, off path in my memory however in my prayers misplaced their lives or their love ones, they can’t live home, they had been inside the field to defeat corona.